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Retire Better – Add a B-Business Stream of income!

Take your time.

Retirement Lifestyle Design is a process.  Your current status is not the finish line.  You might be happy where you are now.  But maybe you want to go further.  You can be retired and finding that your retirement finances aren’t as robust as you would like.  You might be ready to retire and concerned that you will have to cut back.  You might be OK but looking to step up.  Whatever you current situation, if your limitation is financial then you need to add another stream of income.  These days, no one should have only one stream of income.  There are just too many uncertainties and un-controllable circumstances.  You need diversity to protect your lifestyle and quality of life.  So look at building a new income stream.  Consider building a B-Quadrant business.

B-Quadrant businesses use a system to produce income; B-Quadrant businesses provide a structure and resources for individuals to build businesses.   McDonalds is a good example of a B-Quadrant business.  You receive a proven system when you become a McDonald’s owner.  You just follow the system and the income flows.  Unfortunately most people don’t have the money to buy a McDonalds franchise but there are other business opportunities which provide a system and income opportunities at much lower cost.  Home based businesses using network marketing opportunities are an example.

Start a B-Quadrant Business

Job Optional Now is dedicated to introducing individuals to Lifestyle Design and helping them design and achieve a satisfying retirement lifestyle without a job.  It isn’t a cookie cutter process.  It isn’t one size fits all.  It starts with how you want to live and continues by creating an income stream that supports that lifestyle.  Is all about changing your economic situation by creating businesses that produce ongoing incomes after the initial work is completed. Whether your goal is to replace the income from your employee job or to supplement the retirement income that you currently have, Job Optional will teach you about developing these kinds of businesses which inhabit the B-Quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant.

Learn about building an income stream

This is a different process than earning income as an employee (taking a job). It requires different skills and commitments and it is definitely possible for anyone to do, no matter your age, sex or skill level. Because this is a different type of activity from being an employee, most of us are not aware of the opportunity or how to do it. It takes a change of perspective. You have to think different.

Change your attitude- believe you can do it.

First you have to know that you can do it. You have to overcome the society’s negativity about what is possible and understand how powerful you can be. A good place to start is reading The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Turn you thinking positive and go for a big dream. When you have your attitude adjusted, now you are ready to learn about B-business opportunities.

Learn what Robert Kiyosaki recommends

Find out about the opportunities in what Robert Kiyosaki calls the Business of the 21st Century, network marketing. Learn why Mr. Kiyosaki thinks that network marketing is the best way for individuals today to escape the employee sector (If you are not familiar with Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant analysis of the ways to make money then take a minute to study it ) and move B Quadrant, to the business owner sector.

Be Open to Network Marketing

There are other ways to build an income but none of them have so many advantages as network marketing. There is a lot of history that gives network marketing a bad name and may make you hesitant to even consider starting a network marketing business but over the past 50 years the network marketing business has changed dramatically. Don’t accept second hand judgment without investigating some of today’s businesses. The best of them have developed systems which avoid those problems. But don’t rush. Take your time and learn from a great teacher – Robert Kiyosaki. Once you are open to consider network marketing then move on and look at different organizations and products.

Study before your decide

The decision about which network marketing business to join is the next important decision. This decision should be studied careful and tailored to your interests and the support system the business provides its distributors. Because people don’t understand what to look for and how to evaluate business opportunities, they often select the wrong business to join and form a negative opinion about network marketing in general. Selecting the right organization will make the difference between success and failure.

Ask for a free consultation to help you sort things out

Once you decide that network marketing is worth exploring, the next step is to investigate and evaluate the options before selecting a business. At this point it is valuable to get some advice and recommendations before committing. For this reason, Job Optional offers a free consultation to help you understand the opportunities, get a second opinion about an opportunity that you are already considering or to learn about some of the options to consider. Use the contact page to email or call me


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